- Successfully migrated law firm from Windows Server 2000 to Windows Small Business
  Server 2008. All settings, files, emails and even Outlook drop down of previously emailed people
  was maintained. Saving the firm thousands of dollars a year in maitenance by implemeting SBS 2008 and
  gradually upgrading all desktops and laptops to Windows 7 Professional

- Successfully migrated another law firm's PBX system to the state of the art Linux open source Asterisk
  PBX, Saving the firm over 15K a year in PBX maintenance and long distance costs. This solution included a T1
  for voice which can be used as a backup internet connection in the event primary dsl goes down

- Installed small Small Business Server 2003 network with one server and 5 computers, consolidated emails, 
  file access, built a professional image for the business, increased productivity and lowered costs. added
  ability to access office computers and server from home

- Implemented file synching and online backup solution to most of our clients in order 
  to improve older unreliable backup methods

- Enabled Microsoft Exchange for one of our clients who previously used POP
- Developed web-based form that once filled and submitted, 
  would display a formal formatted letter with information from the form
- Upgraded one of our clients to Timeslips 2006, 
  moved Timeslips to dedicated server to improve performance
- Engineered an automated installation package of a Hard Disk Encryption product 
  to be used on all of the firms' laptops 

- Engineered, Supported and Maintained a Standard Desktop Build to be used by 
  approximately 160,000 clients


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